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Meditation That Works

Discover a meditation practice you love & look forward to.

Find Your Bliss

Radiance Sutras School of Meditation is the ultimate resource for cultivating a practice that fits who you are.

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Find Freedom

Everything you need to feel better is within you – right now.

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Let the generosity of life heal you, soothe you, and refresh you.

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Love Life

You don’t have to be overwhelmed and stressed all the time.

Do it your way

There is no one meditation technique that works for everyone.

To go deep into inner peace, you need find a practice that fits who you are. 

We will help you connect with techniques that you will love!

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Studying with The Radiance Sutras has changed not just my meditation practice, but my outlook on life. I no longer sit on my meditation mat and yell at myself for thinking. Instead, I feel immense joy, luxuriating in every breath...
Shelby Clark

End the endless overwhelm

When was the last time you felt rested, full of energy, and at peace? Does it feel like it has been a while?

Do you crave to take charge of your life and find your way into well-being?

You have the magic power to create balance and peace. Let us show you how to tap into it.

Learn what works for you

We all heard that meditation can provide balance and tranquility… But… Too many of us tried meditation and it didn’t quite work…

The secret to effortless meditation is this: you need to find practices and techniques that fit who you are!

We can help you discover the doorways into the world of meditation, so that inner tranquility and joy always available to you. 

“Lorin Roche’s Radiance Sutras present the most inspiring translation of the Vijnana Bhairava Sutras I have ever encountered. It is juicy, hip, intelligent, inspiring and the best companion for your daily life. We all need daily reminders to ‘Celebrate the boundary where body meets infinity.’ ”
Margot Anand
Author of The Art of Everyday Ecstasy

Dive into your Self

Meditation is about being intimate with the deepest parts of your Self. You don’t have to “improve yourself” to meditate. There is a perfect practice waiting to be discovered by you.

1. Discover

Find a style of meditation that fits your life and who you are. There are 100’s of techniques waiting for you!

2. Practice

Put it to practice in your life and share your experiences in our friendly community.

3. Thrive

Feel the stress fade away, overwhelm disappear and start loving your life again.

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What you get

We have consolidated 100 years of wisdom, teachings & resources to be available to you in our school.
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2x Monthly Live Events with Lorin & Camille

Learn secrets of effortless meditation when you join Lorin, Camille & the community twice per month for a live event.

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Guided Community Meditations & workshops

A Yearlong Journey: Monthly New Moon Gatherings with Author Camille Maurine

The best of our certified meditation teachers lead two classes per week.

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Transform your life with the secrets of yoga

Live immersion into The Radiance Sutras, a lively version of a classic meditation text, the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra

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Monthly new moon gatherings for women

A year long journey into the mystery of Divine Feminine

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Instinctive Meditation Course

Start with our Foundations of Instinctive Meditation course that will change your life.

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Guided Audio library

Support your practice with a 50+ guided meditations!

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A Community of Practice

Meditate in good company, with our global community of meditation enthusiasts.

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The Monthly Sutras Jam

Bliss out with other members while reading & discussing your favorite Radiance Sutras.

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Your Questions Answered!

Ask-me-anything sessions to fine-tune your meditation practice and answer any questions you might have!

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Discounts on Courses & Retreats

Get member prices on our premium classes, courses and retreats.

"The Radiance Sutras has helped me to become curious, amused, and tender towards parts of my being I previously exiled, rejected, and tried to wish away. "
Zoe Benjamin
Massage Therapist

Membership Bonuses

As a Radiance Sutras School of Meditation student, you will receive access to 3 of our best courses:

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Living The radiance Sutras

Monthly LIVE classes in 2022

Many of you are on our email list and following our work at the Radiance Sutras School of Meditation because of Lorin Roche’s prolific book – The Radiance Sutras. 

Can you imagine how your life would transform if you were to apply these teachings in a practical way to your day-to-day life? 

We are very excited to offer this LIVE course with Lorin Roche called, “LIVING THE SUTRAS, where Lorin will teach a class on a select Sutra every month.

For each class Lorin will:

  • Explore a specific Radiance Sutra,
  • Offer a translation and interpretation of that Sutra & how it applies to your life,
  • Guide an embodied meditation practice around that Sutra,
  • Share a practice or experiment to LIVE that Sutra in your life over the next 7-days.
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Evolving meditation secrets for women

Monthly LIVE classes in 2022 Camille Maurine is a renowned meditation and movement mentor with a passion for female spiritual empowerment, and author of world-known book, Meditation Secrets for Women.

In 2022, she will be leading 12 monthly New Moon circles for women exploring the Secrets.

In our sacred circle of women, Camille will share with you my current musings and inspirations about life and love, about relationship and creativity ~ hot and fresh, woman to woman, heart to heart.

Over 12 months, we will we delve into movement, meditation and energy practices that deepen your connection to your own essence and fertile inner ground.

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Living in Love's Body

In this course, Lorin and Camille will share Meditation Secrets for Love, Intimacy, and Relationships drawing from their four decades of living and teaching together.

This approach to meditation is about opening to the energies of love that are already at play inside of you, in every level of your being. It is about receiving the myriad gifts that life presents each of us, moment to moment, hidden in the simple details of everyday experience.

Whether you are in a loving relationship, or are longing for one, join us to learn the Yoga of Love:

  • How to open to Love
  • Practices for intimate relationship with oneself or others
  • Your Energy Body and the subtle currents of longing
  • Meditate on the dance of polarities in relationships

Not just another meditation school


We have been working with the team of magicians over at Majik Media to consolidate our life’s work into an easily accessible, engaged, and fun online school & community.

There you can find the meditation resources, inspiration & support you need to find a practice that works for you.

Find tools to live a life you crave to live. So that you appreciate every day of your life (even the hard ones).

Join Radiance Sutras School of Meditation

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"When I learned the right kind of practice, meditation became as natural as letting my soul love my body."
Justin Michael Williams
Author & Speaker

Our promise to you

100 years worth of wisdom

Hi, we are Lorin & Camille. We have been teaching meditation for more than 50 years each.

After writing 6 books on meditation, working with thousands of people & training hundreds of teachers to teach meditation, we know with 100% certainty that you can learn to meditate in a way that works & you enjoy.

Lorin Roche, PhD

Dr. Lorin Roche is a founder of Instinctive Meditation™ and a pioneer in developing personalized meditation practices. Lorin was awarded a PhD from the University of California for his work on the inner experience of meditation.

His books on meditation, including The Radiance Sutras, are treasured by meditation practitioners across the globe and have been widely recognized as a “must-read”.

Lorin started meditating in a physiology lab at the University of California in 1968, and for the next 20 years he participated in research into how meditation helps the body cope with stress. He was trained as a meditation teacher in the yoga tradition in 1969-1970 and has been teaching ever since.

Camille Maurine

Camille is a meditation mentor, dancer, and the author of the groundbreaking Meditation Secrets for Women and Meditation 24/7, both written with her husband, Dr. Lorin Roche. Camille gives global teleseminars and teacher trainings in women’s spiritual power and embodiment, and travels worldwide to give performances, workshops, and retreats.

In addition to her 4-plus decades of dance, yoga, and meditation, Camille’s integrative approach draws upon training in various healing arts, including the study of Jungian depth psychology and Continuum Movement for many years.

She and Lorin have also been cross-pollinating their discoveries and insights and co-creating their approach during their 38 years of relationship.

Camille is on the faculty of Esalen Institute, 1440 Multiversity, Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, SAND Science and Nonduality, and The Shift Network. She is also the creator of Moving Theater of the Soul, a transformational creative process.

"Lorin & Camille are true experts. They are humble and generous with the knowledge they have gleaned from decades of thorough research, deep personal practice, and creative exploration.”
Kyle Schauenberg
Meditation Teacher
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The Freedom Process

Love what you love

Watch the short video about learning how to connect with your love.

Then apply one of the first principles in practicing “Instinctive Meditation” with the short guided audio meditation, guided by Dr. Lorin Roche.

Allow freedom into your meditation!

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Dear Lover of Life,

Camille and I are excited to offer a new opportunity for you – a global community for sharing the experience of meditation, a place to chat with others about your discoveries, with lots of resources and handy tips to enrich your practice.

When I first began meditating in 1968, I was amazed at how effective the practice is. Just give yourself half an hour in the morning to tune in to what you love, and then enjoy the day drenched in relaxation and wide-open sensing, as if you’ve come home from a great vacation.

At the time I was working in a physiology lab at the University of California that was conducting research on meditation, and we could see measurable physical effects on brain waves, breath, the pulse of the heart, and stress hormones. It was clear then, and even more so now, that meditation is an instinctive ability that all humans have, a capacity to enter a state of deep restfulness combined with enhanced alertness.

A daily meditation practice has been shown to have profound benefits to physical, emotional, and mental health.

Scientifically speaking, meditation is the exact opposite of the stress response. Of course Nature would build into our bodies a way of quickly recovering from the wear and tear of stress.

What we call “meditation” is part of our survival instincts.

Meditation is a universal inheritance.

A gift to us all.

As a teenager, I decided to dedicate myself to sharing this gift.

Over the years, by a miracle of grace, I was tutored by a small circle of geniuses who gave me sublime coaching.

Meditators need to quickly learn how to embrace the full range of their inner experiences, and whenever I needed a bit of information, it was there. Only later did I learn that many people struggle with meditation because they are using the wrong map to navigate their inner territory.

For the next 20 years I was involved in many different aspects of the scientific research on meditation, studying the ways it helps the body to recover from stress, and also what the internal journey feels like. This culminated in my receiving a PhD from the University of California in 1987 for research on the subjective structure of meditative experience. My Master’s degree research focused on the hazards of meditation, the crisis points along the path.

I feel so lucky to have been able to listen to thousands of meditators as they report in on what is working for them, how they modify the techniques to suit their individuality so that they thrive in life, day after day and year after year.

What we call Instinctive Meditation is the essence of what we have learned from the scientific research and from the cumulative experience of the last half century of exploration and adventure.

Meditation is an intimate communion with your own life force, and each moment can be surprising. In our tradition, meditation is the practice of falling in love with the dynamic, self-renewing power of life. As with any intimate love relationship, we need to continually learn little skills of tenderness. Even the good stuff is challenging – there is a lot to learn about how to handle intense relaxation and increased energy.

We are kept alive by a symphony of rhythms – the pulsing of the heart, the wave motion of the breath flowing in and out, the rhythms of alternating restfulness and activity. Attending to this symphony, with all senses open, is the core discipline of both mindfulness and yoga meditation.

Whether you are just beginning to meditate or are a long-term practitioner, it is valuable to have a place to discuss your experiences, ask questions, and get the information you need to handle where you are on your journey.

This is why we are so happy to be offering the Radiance Sutras community platform.

The big secret to thriving in meditation and receiving the benefits is to give yourself freedom to explore, freedom to love what you love, freedom to be yourself.

Feel free to join us.

In love & delight,

Lorin Roche, PhD
Radiance Sutras School of Meditation

Find your bliss

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